Equipe EVO R Frameset

Sale price$3,299.99 CAD

Size: 44cm


44CM 46CM 49CM 52CM 54CM 56CM 58CM
ST 420 435 460 480 495 520 540
TT 498 503 510 531 541 562 577
HT 95 100 105 115 135 155 180
HA 70 70.5 71.5 72.5 73 73.5 73.5
CA 75 75 75 74 74 73.5 73.5
BB 72 72 72 72 72 72 72
RC 406 406 406 406 406 406 406
FC 572 573 573 575 581 592 607
Offset 45 45 45 45 45 45 45
WB 967 968 968 970 976 987 1002
Stack 500 506 515 527 547 568 592
Reach 364 365 373 380 384 394 403


Color: Black Hollowgram


The Evolution continues

During the development process of the making the Equipe model better than ever before, we thought it was only suitable to attach the EVO designation to this project. EVO represents an evolution of always reaching for new heights. Since the launch of the Equipe EVO in 2018, our desire to keep pushing to be better, faster, and stronger hasn’t stopped..

All in one…..

Removed are the days of having to own multiple road bikes. No longer do riders required an aero bike, a climbing bike, an endurance bike… the reality is that isn’t a reality for most. Having one bike that can get the job done of multiple bikes is here.

What if you could have a bike that maximized aerodynamic efficiency, climbed like a mountain goat, and was surprisingly plush on those long training rides..

That bike is the Aquila Equipe EVO R….


The Equipe EVO possesses groundbreaking aerodynamics over the original Equipe models. Through extensive work via CFD software, we were able to produce a frame that didn’t disrupt the key ingredients of the Equipe: light, comfortable and agile. While infusing a tremendous amount of aerodynamic efficiency. Traditional aero tube shapes are more aero than cylindrical tubes, however they are vertically stiffer, require more material for structural integrity and are therefore heavier. We wanted to understand where the peak of aerodynamics throughout critical areas of the frame. Where at that point start to round off each tube shape in order to keep weight low, and retain as much vertical compliance as required.

The Equipe EVO R takes this philosophy a step further..


Instead of trying to control the air, we wanted to allow it to flow through the frame and fork. We achieved this by widening the crown of the fork and the rear seat stays by 2cm. Placing the alignment of these two areas on the same plane. Allowing for air to pass through in a more free flowing fashion, and exhaust out through the rear seat stays, resulting in reduced turbulence.


The Equipe EVO features full cable integration. Not a cable in sight. Improved aerodynamics, and enhanced aesthetics.


The Equipe EVO uses a triple blend of Torayca T700H, T800H and T1000G carbon with the use of our SLP: strategic lay up process. The last 2 seasons we experimented with a new blend of Torayca carbon incorporating amounts of T1100G carbon. The result is a lighter, more responsive and faster ride. 


The Equipe EVO R provides the ability to run array of different tire sizes. Amplify agility with a 25mm tires, or crank up the comfort and traction with up to a 32mm tire.