Our Story

 Our Mission

We are building the next generation of cyclists, one bike at a time, faster and stronger than it has been handed down to us. Our “cycling gene” has advanced over the last two decades; successive and competitive, all while preserving the traditional craftsmanship of our past. 

Our History

Aquila began with a quest to engineer road machines for avid cycling enthusiasts and road racers alike. Historically recognized as a promising house brand with comprehensive road qualities, Aquila fought to graduate from this ranking when it stepped onto the global cycling circuit 5 years ago. Partnering with Team Race Clean and the Canadian U23 National Team with the likes of high-profile athletes such as Sean Mackinnon, it was clear from the podium that Aquila was reborn. Aquila went on to solidify its competitive nature with a strong presence at the Pan American Games in 2015 with the National Road Team riding the Aquila Equipe-R.

Our Experience

Aquila’s edge in road performance is the active and ongoing collaborations with high performance national athletes. Through these relationships, Aquila has become more agile than ever, testing and adapting technology and designs in high intensity situations on the road and on the track. Aquila is proud to bring these advancements to all our riders.

As we build on our past success, we also build a new generation of bikes for the next generation of riders. Whether you are a seasoned Pro, a weekend warrior that loves hunting for KOM’s, or just an aficionado with an appreciation for fine bikes, the Aquila collection reflects the distinctive passion for advancements in our sport. On behalf of all cyclists, we proudly own our cycling DNA and the passion to keep pedaling.


The roads are waiting. Let’s ride.

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