EXPRESSION STUDIO is Aquila’s custom paint program. It offers you the ability to customise the color selection of your Equipe EVO. Your custom painted frame will be finished by hand with the highest quality paints, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. You can choose amongst the extensive palate of colors combined with either a gloss, matte, or combination of gloss and matte finishes.

The Expression Studio allows you to select the colors for the frame & fork, downtube logo, head tube and seat tube badges, dots, and Equipe EVO logos. The first step to bringing your dreams to reality can be done by using the online customizer viewer. You can choose up to 4 different colors in combination.

Start by choosing your frame and fork colour

Select the first box, where a pop up will appear. On the right hand side of this box you can scroll to the tone you desire and click in the direction of that box to select a tone. From there you can choose your Aquila logo on the down tube, and the Equipe logo on the top tube. The same method applies for each step of the color selection for the designated part of the frame. Following the down tube and top tube logos, you can select a secondary frame color for the bars that run across the seat tube, chain stays and fork. When you are happy with your selection in that area, you can move onto the dot colors that are contained within the bars that you selected in the previous step. When finished please "right click" and "save as" your file will be downloaded and then send it to us at  We will follow up with you regarding your design, and together can consult on finalizing the exact pantone of each color that you desire to have included in your design.

The cost to custom color an Equipe EVO frame starts at $1000 CAD in addition to the price of the model you choose.

At this time we are only offering this option for the Equipe EVO model, but do have plans to roll the same treatment on our other models.

For any questions or further inquiries, please contact us –