The Aquila Equipe CX-D takes most of the fast and efficient features found in the Equipe-R but take it to a whole level of versatility. Fast on the road, but not held back one bit when the road gets rough. Apply it to the gravel and this bike can grind. The Equipe CX-D shares the same SLP-technology (Strategic Layup Process) as found in the Equipe-R road bike. However the grade of carbon used in this application is carefully selected using a blend of T800H, and T700H. Which are the two grade of carbon fiber that promotes greater levels of compliance. Incorporation of these carbon nanotubes offers improved strength, but at the same time provides additional vertical compliance to soak up the rougher road surfaces that this frame is designed to endure. Throw in a set of hydraulic disc brakes, and you have one machine that has very few limitations.